Massa Lemu





PRECARIOT is a self-portrait of the artist Massa Lemu as a continental drifter in perpetual precarity.

Precariat is a term that combines the word “proletariat” with “precarious” to describe an emerging “barbarian” class of migrant laborers and professionals living and working precariously, holding temporary underpaid jobs. Attracted by its revolutionary implications, Massa Lemu embraces the label and adopts it as his title. For Lemu, the old patriot was proud of, and ready to die for fatherland, the “precariot” however is one whose only possession is the unstable and indeterminate terrain of precarity, staking claims and maneuvering in this uncertain landscape. In the age of heightened mobility, PRECARIOT uses suitcases, stamps and barbed wire to focus on processes of inspection and scrutiny, labeling and branding to highlight the realities of migration.